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Welcome to Sypharma, a specialty biopharmaceutical business motivated by our vision of Developing a Healthy Future.

Sypharma is staffed by a cohesive and professional team with many years experience in the Healthcare, Biotechnology & Veterinary Industries.

Our commitment is supported by our goal to be the leading provider of life enhancement products in Australia.

This is what makes us proud. This is what makes us Sypharma!


Sypharma is Proud to Announce Commencement of Supply of IV Fluids to the USA for Veterinary Use 

FDA acts to boost supply of sterile fluids for treating large animals


...the FDA has just announced that it is permitting temporary distribution of Hartmann’s IV solution, made by Sypharma Pty Ltd. of Australia. The FDA advises veterinarians to contact Sypharma directly at info@sypharma.com.au for information on how to access the product.

More IV Fluid on Way From Australia 

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration will permit the importation of sterile saline solution from an Australian company to help deal with an ongoing shortage in both veterinary and human medicine.



Veterinary Pharmaceuticals


Sypharma also develops a range of veterinary pharmaceuticals under various veterinary brands it owns




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